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Иллюстраторы со всего мира рисуют смелых белорусок

Десятки иллюстраторов из разных стран мира запустили в Инстаграм флешмоб с хештегом Women_ in_white для того, чтобы поддержать белорусок, которые вышли на улицы городов в знак протеста против насилия силовиков над мирными протестующими. По хештегу уже можно найти более тысячи изображений.

Первая женская акция прошла утром на Камаровском рынке 12 августа. Несколько сотен девушек, одетые в белое, вышли с цветами в руках в цепь солидарности. После инициатива распространились по всей стране. Tut.by предлагает посмотреть, какими белорусок видит мир и наши иллюстратоторы.

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Hi guys, yesterday I started with another dtiys, but ended up with this drawing, as I’m still reading the news about Belarus and all my thoughts are with people of this beautiful country. So please sorry, but currently I just could not draw anything different as this.. I grew up in Lithuania, and Belarus was our neighbor. I met these people my whole life, in Lithuania but also in Germany, and what i can say is, that Belorussians have always been very nice and peaceful people. And now seeing all that extreme violence they are currently experiencing from their own government, from their dictator president, who is literally torturing countless citizens... this breaks my heart :-( I hope so much, his regime will fall and people will have peace in their country again :-( . . #жывебеларусь #istandforbelarus #women_in_white #istandwithbelarus #standwithbelarus #artistwithbelarus

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In recent days there are so many terrible, unfair and cruel events have happened in my home country Belarus. Please share this info to spread info and support. We saw fear, hate, pain, and ... the beauty of the Belarusian people. Yes exactly! Belarusians - you are marvellous! During these days, in moments of terrible events, you remained people with big hearts, helping each other, not destroying or smashing someone else's property, but peacefully lighting the phone flashlights as an sign of your opinion. You showed that we are not the "little people", but a "nation". The nation of strong, brave, beautiful and intelligent people. Our girls are so beautiful that they went to the rallies in white dresses, with flowers, hugging everyone who is ready to speak and listen peacefully. Our men took their shoes while stepping on the benches, and cleaned the garbage after the rallies. Representatives of different professions expressed their opinions so beautifully and civilized that the whole world turned its gaze on Belarus: the Philharmonic gave a concert on its own stair-steps, famous people were not afraid to leave their "comfort" zones, representatives of force structures who disagreed with unjustified cruelty broke ties with employers, leaving uniforms in trash bins, and much more cases. Just within a few days, Belarusians created an amazing platform for supporting each other, raising funds for those in need, providing absolutely free legal, medical, psychological, and other types of assistance. Belarusians, you are amazing! A peaceful nation capable of making this world to be a better place only with your kindness! This is my drawing, and this is how I see us. Appreciate each other, take care of each other and bring kindness to this world. . #tatsworld #tatsillustration #живебеларусь #belarus #women_in_white #women_in_white🌸 #women_in_white_challenge . #illustrationartists #illustration #digitalart #digitalpainting #digitalportrait #charsterdesign #cartoonart #faceyourart2020 #faceyourart #faceyourartchallenge #artistswithbelarus

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You know what excites me the most about this whole situation around the presidential election in Belarus in 2020? To see how the current government kills itself with the archaic sexism it preaches. Belarus is absolutely incredible today. There is a triumph of feminism in local politics. The whole country has turned into an action-packed gender thriller: the old mad man preventively jails all candidates. The wife of one of them – Svetlana Tikhanovskaya – takes the lead. Belarusian women face discrimination within our own government that denies us gender equality. This old mad man on his potato throne still supports a misconception about the biological and mental difference and the concept of our determined gender roles given by default. He believes a woman is not an equal human being. He broadcasts this idea of a woman who is maintaining the home, giving birth and cooking food. And can’t accomplish anything more than that. Lukashenko has been living in self-isolation for years. He didn't make it to 2020 with us, to the world where we kinda agreed on at least some human rights versus discrimination and stereotyping based on sexual and gender characteristics. He doesn't know that achieving gender equality in political representation is essential to the functioning of democracy. Oh wait, he doesn't even know what democracy is. There are 3 things you can watch forever: fire burning, water falling and the last dictator of Europe burying himself deeper and deeper by being wild, stupid and outdated as fuck. He saw no threat. And then the unexpected happened – especially for such a sexist as Lukashenko. Tikhanovskaya united women from all other headquarters into a single campaign. Tikhanovskaya – just yesterday a housewife and mother of two – has transformed into a fiery Joan of Arc, people believe in her and see her as our new president. Sexism is not modern. Sexism is stupid. There are 3 women shining light on a system that is rife with sexism. And I'm alarmed and proud at the same time. Beautiful women @svetlana.tihanovskaya @veronica.tsepkalo @kalesnikava Tomorrow we vote. August 10 will be an interesting day in Belarus. #WorduuupGoesToBelarus

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После включения интернета, отовсюду хлынул поток грязи: все протесты куплены и срежиссированы. Это не так. Протестуют самые обычные люди, всех возрастов - от подростков и до зрелых состоявшихся людей. Протестуют мирно, у протестов нет лидеров и на выпады провокаторов люди в большинстве не реагируют. Пытаются не допустить конфликты с милицией и омоном. Люди просто демонстрируют свою законную позицию. По всей Беларуси женщины формируют цепи солидарности в знак того, что волну жестокости надо остановить. #честныелюди #нетнасилию #women_in_white #istandwithbelarus #остановитенасилие #stopviolenceinbelarus

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Я не умею рисовать быстро, но эта тема слишком трогает моё сердце. Люди Беларуси просто герои для меня! Я слежу за ситуацией с самого первого протеста, и на мои глаза наворачиваются слезы каждый вечер. Полиция встала не на ту сторону, люди колечатся умерают и страдают от этого. И так радует, что к этому моменту ситуация начала немного меняться и появились те правоохранители, которые действительно начинают вставать на сторону народа, а не слепо следуют приказа правительства. Я верю, что у вас все получится, и вы отстоите свои голоса, свободу и права. #жывебеларусь - #women_in_white #Belarusprotests #BelarusSolidarity #freebelarus #woman #StandWithBelarus #art #socialart #painting #illustration #love #belarus2020 #арт #freedom #supportbelarus

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